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Not only did we make one movie, we made- This is our fourth. And we’ve kind of known each other throughout the past ten years. Always were checking in intermittently. Seeing each other out. It’s company for us. It’s feels like you’re, you know, shooting with someone that has the best intentions for you. -Scarlett on working with Chris again


"There are too many people, including professionals, who think it’s okay to condescend, harass, berate, etc. women in comics simply because they’ve espoused a belief that revolves around women being treated more as equals. I want women and girls to be seen as an equally promising demographic for comics as males; I want major companies with an easy opportunity to reach out to women to not feature art that is disgusting and objectifying; I want women to be hired as much as men to create comics; I want to not know so many people who have been violated in an industry I still love despite it all."

Janelle Asselin

"You need to help lower the price of women doing business in comics and in comics fandom to only the hard work. Not the hard work plus ducking threats online and off of violence, dodging groping, inappropriate advances, joking at the expense of the fat girl, the not “hot” girl, picking up and carrying around the short girl, creepshotting the cosplayer, stalking the professional.

"You know, sexism. Violence. Attacks intended to create doubt and fear."

Lea Hernandez

"People should be allowed to express a dissenting opinion on the internet without being threatened with rape; people should be allowed to have consensual sex without being labeled a whore; people should be allowed to wear whatever they want without being groped or demeaned; people should be allowed to express themselves in ways that do not conform to narrow, antiquated definitions of ‘gender’ without being disrespected or physically attacked. And come on, people. This is obvious stuff."

— Ali Colluccio

"This is not women’s problem. This is MEN’S PROBLEM. I know most internet trolls are teenaged boys who don’t know any better, but this is MAN’S THING. This is something you men need to figure out and condemn and deal with. There should be MAN RULES about it, like how you’re not supposed to go into the urinal next to another guy, that kind of thing. Belittling, embarrassing, threatening and shaming women should not be some kind of masculine rite of passage. It should be the opposite of being a real man."

Heidi MacDonald

"The problem we’re discussing in our industry is symptomatic of a larger issue. Specifically, we are living in a world that perpetuates and upholds the sub-human treatment of women. And that discrimination — the patriarchal idea that women are not fully human, that we are objects, commodities, property — trickles down and down, into every facet of our lives."

Marjorie Liu

"You may say, ‘I’ve never seen someone make a rape threat online,’ but can you say the same about a rape joke, or a man telling a women she’s being ‘too emotional’ or ‘she needs to get laid?’ My guess is no. And guess what? That’s where it starts. Making someones’ gender an attack point.

"You see it. You know you do. Next time, say something."

— Jill Pantozzi


Batman c. 1960s



Wait a sec. Mista’s bullets can- against actual stand fists?!

Jonathan can have a rapid-fire punch-out contest with a STAND?!

… I need this game.



Friendly reminder that this creepy moment existed. 

#she was laughing at her husband and son#people who she loved dearly enough to give up her life#and snape took that and cut them out of it so he could pretend she was laughing for him#her love in the letter was for sirius who was best man at her wedding and her good friend who fought at her side in the order#and snape took that so he could pretend her love was for him#snape is fucking trash and this is not romantic at all

this this this this this omg this si so disgusting this guy is a creep who feels entitled to Lily’s love even though he’s done nothing to deserve it

Splash Page FromDOCTOR STRANGE #180 (May 1969)


Splash Page From
DOCTOR STRANGE #180 (May 1969)